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A1 Auto Seat Covers: Auto Tops Replacement & Auto Interior - Miami


A-1 has been serving the insurance industry with service oriented around vandalism and theft claims for the past 18 years. We offer complete in-house service which gives the insured one shop service. Vandalism and theft claims such as glass, stereo, dash, electronics, electrical, interior, convertible tops, etc. can be sent directly to A-1, a provider under the Direct Repair Plan.

All A-1 technicians are I-CAR and A.S.E. certified to assure you of a professional repair. Today's automobiles have complex electronics and computer systems, as well as sophisticated interiors that must be handled appropriately by technically qualified personnel.

A-1 will give priority service to your insureds. We do need to work together to make sure that we are providing the highest level of quality service to our customers.

A1 Auto Seat Covers: Auto Tops Replacement & Auto Interior - Miami

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In the past few years there has been a large increase in comprehensive claims, with almost 50% of the auto claims today involving burglary, vandalism, partial theft, and total theft. With the severity rate on the rise, due to the high cost of today's electronics and interiors, it is essential that this type of claim be sent to the proper repair facility that can help in reducing cost.

For handling collisions, there are many professional collision shops, but their expertise may not cover theft claims and they may not specialize in electronics, stereos, seats, dashes, or other related comprehensive items. A-1's familiarity with this type of claim makes down time on vehicles minimal and increases savings on claims with less time in rentals. convertible top repair Automotive Interior in Miami Convertible Top Replacement in Miami